What Dreams We May Find

  This dream was meant to be shared. I found this dream written in a draft post from 2012. I have flourished in ways I didn’t imagine in 2012. A woman, short hair,… Continue reading

“I had just $100 in my pocket.”

Remembering Syria

As you have noticed, my dear friends, I have not been updating my blog lately. I suppose I could give you the reasons, but the fact is that I have not been motivated… Continue reading

The Quick and Dirty on Syrian Refugees

The Syrian Society for Humanitarian Aid and Development reported today that the number of refugees since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 has now reached 485,449, with 76,000 missing people and… Continue reading

How to do in War Times

I have purposely avoided posting about the Syrian revolution during the last 21 months. Your thoughts are made up of different stuff than that of analyzing the U.S. foreign policy interests in the… Continue reading

When to Walk Away, A Dream

I am a vivid dreamer. Recently my dreams have become more vivid, so I am documenting them. I have recurring places I visit in my dreams, that I often see. People have told… Continue reading


don’t wanna be your exotic some delicate fragile colorful bird imprisoned caged in a land foreign to the stretch of her wings don’t wanna be your exotic women everywhere are just like me… Continue reading

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and the Question of Historical Evidence

“… In this conflict, especially, the writing of history absorbs and represents ideological disputes and political developments as much as any other cultural medium. The difference is that other media or discourses do… Continue reading

Patriarchy and Democracy in the Arab World

Continuing to explore more narrow and traditional explanations of why democratization has not penetrated the Middle East, for instance, due to the weakness and division of society, or the evidence that “richer countries… Continue reading

A Passion for Life

I didn’t realize it until recently, but my sisters and I grew up in an academic environment. My mother was very committed to making sure that she raised us, and as a result,… Continue reading