>The cortisone to my sunburn

>The truth is that amidst the setting of our hearts we continue to deconstruct our perfectionism, in which we both suffer endlessly within. Finally, we now moderate the ordinances of our lives. The quality of our lives should be calibrated by the time spent giving happiness. Happiness as a gift we have given one another to let others lights shine, so bright.

Lets lie on our backs in the water, and look at the sky together.

The city lights sparkle like the waves of an ocean in the night, each risen wave reflecting the light of the moon. And each white glisten that the moon touches in the ocean is brought to my memory every time I catch a glimpse of Portland from the East side of the bridge. An ocean of lights, a city of waves.

It’s profound in its own right to thank someone for teaching you how to love. Thank you for letting me learn how to love you, for sharing in the privilege of tasting the exquisite flavor of a drop of pomegranate juice in its agonizingly bother of a hard shell. Well known for its sweet taste, encapsulated in its own shell, discovered by its discoverer drop by drop, love is cruel.

Love for ones self, that is. Loves context is just that. You give what you give yourself. You treat others as you do treat yourself. You are careful with others, as you tend to be careful with yourself. Our surroundings and relationships with those around us is a direct result of our relationship with ones self. It is finally showing now. The gentler I learn to be with myself, I tend to surround myself with a cushioning context.

There is a difference between perfectionism, and idealism. Will you remember me if we learn to be spontaneous?

“Rather than desiring perfection, let us instead desire excellence. Excellence, to my mind, is perfect.” – Alexandra Stoddard