>Interesting is but what is not

>How we are initiated and manifested, we tend to do only as we remember. Different kinds of memories do we have, it seems. There is the personal and immediate memory, the one that reminds us of our experiences and our movement in thoughts. For instance, I remember the delighted look on my fathers face when I was a child, and would enter a room he was in. I also remember the later times I tried so hard to get him to look at me like that again. I suppose this is the torture and triumph of our capacity to think in retrospect.

I have to believe that beyond this, as a possibility, the experience of my family is something I carry, with or without the memories.

I sometimes think that I carry the historical memory of my mother and father, and the generations of parents that came through their lineage. Thats the only way any of my identity and personality could make sense. I understand that experiences and social conditioning, in general, are what comprise an identity – or how one would identify themselves. But if I was socially conditioned by my parents who were social conditioned by their parents, wouldn’t it make sense to say that their identity and how they decided to parent their children (for instance, me) was based out of their experience. Wouldn’t it also make sense to say that their experience and social conditioning was created by their parents. Their parents who also learned their lessons through their experiences and social conditioning of their own parents. Each generation learned their lessons, passed them off to their children the best they could and subsequently caused a certain social conditioning of their children in the process.

All of this summing up to a family-based experiential memory. I would think that there must be a few lessons that my great great grandmother passed to my great grandmother, that later taught it, indirectly even, to my grandmother, who then taught my mom to teach it to me. Whether it was disagreed with by one or more, it was in someway communicated to the next generation.

If one person passed through the experiences of each generation of one family, they would be nuanced through each period of time travel. I wonder if one lesson, nuanced by the experience of each generation, could still be passed through the vehicle of simple existence. Just the fact that a family exists, this passing off of memories can happen.

These would eventually become the lessons of humanity, I think.