Is it just me.

>Is it just me, or are my words tiring.
Is it just you, that thinks things could always get worse.
Can it be just me, that obey’s a voice that is unsounded
That keeps me here, that keeps me confused and busy
When will I notice that its not just me
That we are all trying and wondering, we are all distracted and unsure
We are all unclear but still pure
I am who I say I am. I say who I am.
I don’t have a way that seems like my sisters
I cant find a way that seems like my sisters
Because I am home alone.
And its too difficult to explain, without the reasons and the apologies
that I keep giving.
So I am quiet. Home alone and concerned that I will stay alone or that my life will change in a way I dont want.
I am not scared, just quiet.
Is it just me, or do I need time to think.
Is it just you, or do you not want to hear what I need
Too difficult, too hard. Its just you.
Polite and disinterested, that is just me.