Constant state of struggle

>Ambivalence and struggle are in a relationship. Ambivalence only responds when Struggle feels the worst. Struggle feels the worst when Ambivalence doesn’t pay attention to Struggle. Struggle wants to be supportive, but cannot be if Struggle is not included when Ambivalence is going through something. Ambivalence doesn’t include Struggle because Struggle is partly an oasis and partly an outsider. Struggle gets disappointed, and hurt when Ambivalence doesn’t include and ignores Struggle. Struggle distances from Ambivalence. Ambivalence feels the pressure of Struggle as they distance. So Ambivalence realizes they ignored Struggle and says all the things to make Struggle feel better. Struggle feels better and closer with Ambivalence now, but Ambivalence has to ignore them now because there are other pressures and problems happening that Ambivalence has ignored while fixing things with Struggle, and has to go make them feel better. Struggle feels ignored again and it gets worse and worse. Struggle doesn’t know if they can do it anymore, and continues to feel this way for awhile but tries to be supportive to Ambivalence. But Ambivalence won’t let Struggle in, so Struggle distances. And they continue to dance this dance until one or the other decides not to be so predictable anymore.