Purple calendars, black hot pants, empty stomach

>blood is in my coffee
it feels like it is everywhere
what is left after
10,000 tons misplaced
or stolen
taken away
and stolen.
what is left after 10,000 tons are gone
not relief
no help
empty words and actions that leave me
i want him back
whoever he is
whatever he is
whatever he was
i want it to be returned
all 10,000 tons
and 19 lives later
we cant have what we dont have
we cant have 19 lives
i cant have many lives
my cat gets 9
i have used 2 lives
love lives
i only get a couple more
but i want the 2nd one to keep trying to go back to Gaza
to come back to me
even though its hard and there is hostilities and death
and blood in our coffee
i want it to try to come back to Gaza
fight for Gaza
fight for us
fight for me too.