What you got

>Why and how is distracting.
The why and the how is irrelevant.
My why and your how is nothing
Our why and how is gone
It is a moment gone,
How can a moment obsessed over the future
be history?

Who was I.
Why did I do that.
How did I take things for granted.
What was his point.
Why did he waste my time.
Statements, not questions. Statements that are history.
Statements left to echo in my mind
As I look out of my eyes
Eyes I cannot see
Eyes that are mine, but eyes I cannot see
I can only observe from between blinks
Trying so hard to see out of
When my contacts aren’t blurry
When I am not dizzy
Curious if people are really as happy as they want to be

There are levels of richness. Milk is watery.
Half and half is a little richer, thicker.
Yogurt, more solid, somewhat rich.
Cream cheese and lebaneh.
Levels of richness
They exist in everything

You get the point, even though the point is hidden
I hope you get the point, even though it is hidden
Can you get the point, when the point is hidden?
Where is the point, if you know it is hidden?
What was the point, I can’t find it because it was hidden.

Warm boots, arched lower back, sour taste
You and Me
Is all in me.