Gold tray, teapot, full embrace

>A gold tray with a teapot
Four arms in full embrace
Two minds in the same memory
One heart standing alone
Then we break it
And thump it
And hug it and hold it
Throw it and despise
Miss it and reprise
back to our full embrace
in each others arms
for one second we didnt care about the rest
only each others grace
over and over again
I cant dwarf the cycle of what once was
what once was will never be
and though i have never felt so alone
a cure, diversion, sense of ease
furthest from malevolence and inhumanity
I dont see it yet, but I know this is my life.
I will always bloom
I will always blossom
When something hurts, and a book is in my hands
You will know
I might not be in season
I might not bloom this season
But when I do
You will sense my floral scent
My scents will drift like incense
And you will sense
that I