Green glow, take me home

>not much more but that
green glow is prettier than the red
a word deposit
broken promise is like a debt with words
sign the contract but you dont pay
you wont pay
thats it
thats it
I want to open an account
to take all your broken promises
put them in the bank
and save them
you might be in debt with words
but i really owe you
for the tragedy that caused
for the sadness that caused
the sun
for my moments to have
for my own.
You are indebted for those broken promises
but you are not indebted to me.
in my delusion
and in my spite
i see an audience in my mind
my mind sees the other side of the computer
reading my words, wondering whats next
hoping for more
hoping for me to say one more word.
in my delusion
and in my spite
i find that there is nothing more
no one to read my words
no one to hear my words
trying to learn how to hear my own words
trying to learn how to read my own words.