This won’t take long

>Not a day of illusions that things will get better
Not a day to deconstruct my expections
This is not a day to think of my days spent
Its not a day to hope for more
Its not a day I want anything less
I want a day
And just for today
For me to realize the selfish decisions of others
And that I should be selfish too
In this day, at this time, only today
I am going to change for selfish reasons
I remember what I thought in my early twenties
I can recall what those dreams were and how things
got gravely distracted and off track
I am going back
to what I wanted in the beginning, when I was supposedly
naive and without knowledge
those are when the best decisions were made
When I was not scared or worried or wounded
They were days when I just did.
And for today
Only today, I am going to reclaim those dreams
Because even if I only reclaim the dreams today, then I can
the rest of the forseeable future working on those dreams
and put the “reclaiming” and “thinking” days to the past
Because I only gave myself today
To righteously reclaim