Finding a voice

>The personal is the political. Societies express collective emotions that manifests every part of an individuals life. My life. Your life. Our lives. I wonder if the emotions communicated from a collective society is strongly correlated with the majority of emotions each individual in that community is feeling. It may seem like this is a mundane or moot point, but if you think about it, it may not be true. We may think that the collective voice of a society is the result of the same emotion that is experienced on an individual level. The mix of polarizing emotions when a group is together, like in Tahrir square or in an uprising, could change the overall expressed emotion that the collective is communicating. I am not just talking happy, sad or angry. I am looking at the gray areas, like what does resentment plus hope cause a society to communicate as a whole?

Its like painting, and the different paint colors on a palette. If you mix yellow, red and blue you get a brown. You do not get another magically bright color that enhances the red, yellow or blue- you get brown. You get the ugly color.The more you mix, the darker the brown becomes and the less you see the beautiful primary colors you could once enjoy in its vibrance.

And maybe people are like this too when they are in a collective environment. You have so many beautiful differing intentions and when their voices all harmonize, as an outsider you just hear the ugly brown color. A voice. Finding our voice, and finding my own voice. The search for my voice is a struggle most people in the world are trying to find. But that doesnt mean my discovery will be any less profound. Until then, it is also no less miserable.

Finding our own individual voice is just as important as the sound you make with your community. All you want to do is harmonize your collective voice. And for the collective to be at peace, you must be at peace. At this point, I am talking to myself, not trying to lecture. I must be at peace to see it in my community. It is a start. It is a discovery. It is a journey. But it reminds me of all the different colors I have inside me, that creates my voice. That tells others my emotion. The emotion that contributes and participates in the community voice. I have a revolution inside me, trying to find its voice. Its an amazing visual to imagine a revolution inside ones heart, that creates a single voice of a person. Then, you take it an altitude higher and envision multiple people expresses each of their single voices, maybe having their own revolution as a society. Then, creating a single voice for your community. The altitude can get higher and higher. From a revolution to the single voice of many revolutions. I am interested in the emotions that drive the individual, that contributes to a revolutions voice.