When to Walk Away, A Dream

I am a vivid dreamer. Recently my dreams have become more vivid, so I am documenting them. I have recurring places I visit in my dreams, that I often see. People have told me to share my dreams on my website, so I have decided to share a few. These dreams were written right when I woke up from the sleep, so I apologize in advance for a lack of flow or order to the writing. Not my best, but definitely, the most raw.


There was a handsome man and a friend of mine, that I do not know in real life, who I lived with. They were in the bedroom and I was laying on a twin bed. After they discussed something and laughed they walked out of the room. My boyfriend was in the living room I could see him from the bed. I looked at him and told him I needed a hug. He looked at me and said “Do you want me to come over there and give you a hug?” and I nodded my head. He said “awwww” and was walking towards me. As he was walking towards me my awake brain was like, is this really happening? Is he going to hold me? Is this real? As he got closer and closer to me. He just kept getting closer, so I wanted to see if I could feel him in my dream. I could, he came up to me while I was laying on the bed and laid on me and gave me a big hug. Put his leg down in between mine, and hugged me big bear style.

At some point in that scene, I dumped out a big material bag of mermaid paraphernalia, and was trying to untangle them.

Then I was in a house party. It was a big combo house of mine in DC, someone elses, my parents, my friend LK’s, and the gym. My wooden chair in my real life home was broken. Someone broke it. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I made it to the porch where there was a line up of treadmills that made you bounce. I started to bounce like a trampoline on a treadmill, and I didn’t like it, because I tried to grab the rails to slow down the bounce, but My arms would stretch as I kept bouncing higher. I saw my friend LK on her treadmill and she was laughing. I was scared but then I saw that it was dark outside and she was laughing and tried to bounce higher. I wanted to touch the stars.

For some reason, the bounce stopped shortly after I bounced extremely high, so high I saw the people aerial view and was so close to the stars. But then I landed back in the house. It seemed my mom wanted to go to sleep so all of a sudden everyone was leaving. The last person I saw leave from the bleachers on the porch/balcony was LK She was like “come on!” but then just ran off. I had to grab my mermaid paraphernalia and my coat. I couldn’t get everything in time. I tried and ran after them. I ran inside the house that was mom and dads real life house. I saw LK’s coat and grabbed it, someone from works coat, and grabbed it. And then I felt intoxicated and was scared to drive.

My mom came into the kitchen and said I should leave right away because I was making everyone sick. I said I was sorry I was trying to get my things and I was scared to drive in the dark. I started taking off my clothes in the kitchen, I thought I should change really fast that would help me feel less intoxicated… but then my sister came with the kids and her husband, as always, was the last one I could see in the living room light. The kitchen lights were off. I said, NO STOP!!! I am changing!!! So I covered my body with my black coat and my sister giggled. That scene was over.

I was in the living room of someones house watching TV, still trying to get out of the house. The woman who lived there had a daughter. That daughter came with a friend and said they wanted to watch TV. So I let them, I got up. The TV looked like the voting booth for elections. After a few minutes I returned and the living room was messed up. So I said, HEY! Can I talk to you sweetie? And so I stopped and talked to the daughter and said, “Honey, I wanted to let you know something important”. Originally I was going to tell her that she needed to clean up the living room before she left. THen it looked like she was crying. So instead I went with “Honey, just take care of your mother. And if you need anything at all, let me know”. But she kept crying – her eyes were turning pinker and pinker. They looked infected. I was like “Ugh, something is happening to her eyes they are turning pink”! Even the colored parts were turning pink, they looked like they were melting out of her head. The mother was frantic and said she needed to take her to the hospital. Even though I had just gotten done telling the girl that I would be there for her, I realized in that moment I was making her sick and needed to leave. She would be better off if I wasn’t around because then she could heal. I didn’t end up leaving though, I woke up from the dream as I was making the connection that she was getting sick because I was there.