To Vacillate In Despicability

By Hanna Ali Khliefat, March 15, 2012 in Ain Mousa, Al `Aqabah, Jordan

A no good waste,
You come with scrutiny at my haste,
Telling me my humor is in distaste.
You vacillate between what you seem and what you are
And I can’t make you out of your two-faced,

“Oh. You are one of those.”
Those people,
Who will post a video of a tortured Palestinian boy,
An unknown Syrian girl,
to “create awareness”.
They are children. Our children.
My niece, your cousin.
My aunt, my uncle.
But you, yourself, don’t know anyone living in Palestine or Syria.
You don’t
You… don’t
You. Do. Not.
Know what it’s like
To look for your family in those videos.
Is that activism?

I am sick of you claiming a silent praise
Every damn day
For your despicability
In uttering the catchphrase
“In solidarity”.

The disparity in how you treat me, a Palestinian woman,
And how you treat the Palestinian cause,
Is a vacillation between who you are, and who you seem.

What you are is not who you are as who you are is what you are.

I know you can’t see that I am speaking to you.
I know you can only see that I am speaking about you.
Because it’s all about you.
So, just remember,
Stay away from me,
Keep you word.
Keep to yourself.

What you’ve said about me is a reflection of you,
More than me.
I have an extra mirror.
Take a look for yourself.