In Memory of Harley

October 15, 2000 — October 19, 2015

I love you Harley.

I hope you could sense in our good-bye that I will always love and miss you. You were so selfless and devoted to me, thank you. I tried not to take it for granted. I hope you could see I didn’t. From the moment I met you, I promised I would keep you until the end of your time.

I kept my promise to you.

You kept yours.

Your silent yet very big personality is still missed everyday. You were my little fur baby.

I will never forget the little kisses you gave me when you were saying good-bye to me. They meant more to me then you could ever imagine.

I always knew what you wanted, what you meant, what you were trying to say without words, and I knew exactly how you wanted to be held, when. I will always know that I had the sacred key to your little fur baby heart.


Your mama