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(4.28.2017) Students for Justice in Palestine Cultural Event at the University of Arizona


Down to the Creek

From our maroon house so safe, I’d take a hidden path down to the creek, Full of questions until satisfied with answers undeniably oblique. My mind wandered north and divagated south, From my balled up fists to my unspeakably… Continue reading

Cloudy Blue

This quarter is brimming with the restless, So we rest in trust and truth, As I profess to you my selfish mess. My solitary thoughts mist in my reach, I try to resist… Continue reading

To Vacillate In Despicability

A no good waste, You come with scrutiny at my haste, Telling me my humor is in distaste. You vacillate between what you seem and what you are And I can’t make you out of your two-faced,… Continue reading

Goodbye Damascus

As published on Riwayya: A Space of Collision, November 6, 2015 Ceremonial air is amidst momentary strands of lightning, All too sudden, it tends to resemble a sanctity at bound. It is as… Continue reading

A Fight to be Free

I was always taught To say Every good-bye, as though it was my last. That’s what I’ve been told. If I glance, it will give me a clue, or a hint. A long… Continue reading

When to Walk Away, A Dream

I am a vivid dreamer. Recently my dreams have become more vivid, so I am documenting them. I have recurring places I visit in my dreams, that I often see. People have told… Continue reading

A Passion for Life

I didn’t realize it until recently, but my sisters and I grew up in an academic environment. My mother was very committed to making sure that she raised us, and as a result,… Continue reading

The Reality of Following your Dream

It has been a little over a month since I packed up my things, got on a plane with my sedated cat, and headed to D.C. in pursuit of what I consistently referred… Continue reading


In my last entry, I explored the disconnect between my voice and thoughts – a severance that reasons and gives rhythm to my soul and movement. Or in other words, my voice is… Continue reading