Gone, Going, Gone. by Hanna Ali Khliefat

This pearl
Was a gift of my grandmother
that great lady
to my mother
and my mother gave it to me
 And now, I hand it on to you
The three of you and this pearl
Have one thing in common
simplicity and truth
I give it with my love
and with the fullness of heart
you excel in
The girls of Arabia will soon grow
to full stature
They will look about and say:
“Wafa* has passed by this road”
and point to the place of sunrise
and the heart’s direction.
 – Fawziya Abu Khalid, ‘A Pearl’ (Saudi Arabia, 1985), Translated from the Arabic by Salwa Jahsheh and John Heath-Stubbs. *This poem was originally written for Salma Khadra Jayyusi, but now, for me too.

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