Arab Feminist Manifesto

Many people challenge the idea that Arab feminism exists. As though we, Arab females, have no concern or enlightenment about misogyny. No concern over our bodies. Our safety. Our minds. It’s true, our… Continue reading

Fatema Abbasi (Tayta)

Three years ago today, I wrote this post about interviewing my grandmother, or tayta, in Jordan which she has since passed. In her honor I repost this. In 2003, when I went to the… Continue reading

Common Forms of Headdress in the Middle East

“You went to Dubai? Didn’t you feel oppressed in a burqa?” “Why do Arabs wear burqas in the dessert? Don’t they get hot?” “What am I going to wear when I go to Jordan? I… Continue reading

Precious Moments

This morning, I was walking to my office in the usually noisy and crowded streets of Manhattan — le grind. Before crossing Park Avenue, I noticed a sign that was being used to… Continue reading

Only the Dynamic, Change

It is in the natural course of life that we are introduced to the force which is “change”. We learn that change is not in our control, as much as it is in our… Continue reading

“I had just $100 in my pocket.”

The Quick and Dirty on Syrian Refugees

The Syrian Society for Humanitarian Aid and Development reported today that the number of refugees since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 has now reached 485,449, with 76,000 missing people and… Continue reading

How to do in War Times

I have purposely avoided posting about the Syrian revolution during the last 21 months. Your thoughts are made up of different stuff than that of analyzing the U.S. foreign policy interests in the… Continue reading

When to Walk Away, A Dream

I am a vivid dreamer. Recently my dreams have become more vivid, so I am documenting them. I have recurring places I visit in my dreams, that I often see. People have told… Continue reading


don’t wanna be your exotic some delicate fragile colorful bird imprisoned caged in a land foreign to the stretch of her wings don’t wanna be your exotic women everywhere are just like me… Continue reading