The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and the Question of Historical Evidence

“… In this conflict, especially, the writing of history absorbs and represents ideological disputes and political developments as much as any other cultural medium. The difference is that other media or discourses do… Continue reading

Patriarchy and Democracy in the Arab World

Continuing to explore more narrow and traditional explanations of why democratization has not penetrated the Middle East, for instance, due to the weakness and division of society, or the evidence that “richer countries… Continue reading

A Passion for Life

I didn’t realize it until recently, but my sisters and I grew up in an academic environment. My mother was very committed to making sure that she raised us, and as a result,… Continue reading

Introduction to the Modern Day Arab Feminist

A couple of weeks ago, I was meeting with a mentor at my university where I was discussing my website that focuses solely on the modern day Arab Feminist. “Let me ask you… Continue reading

Let them think well of the Arab Woman

We don’t know in which cave she got used to being whipped, but we hear her tearful, moaning submission. We threw her ropes on which she spat. She melted her chains. She reunited… Continue reading

Meet… Suad Amiry

Last years TEDx Conference, where Palestinian activist and architect Suad Amiry spoke, was forwarded to me by my mother a last week with the note, “Please, please, please, take few a minutes and… Continue reading

Nothing Makes Sense. Why Should I?

Last Sunday can be described as domino of events, falling into each other in some sort of synchronized pattern, that lead me to find a deeper meaning of not just my Arab identity,… Continue reading

Syria the Great

Needless to say there are many people, especially in D.C., with opinions and political positions regarding the Syrian Revolution. They tell me whether or not America should be involved in the “Syrian unrest”… Continue reading

The Reality of Following your Dream

It has been a little over a month since I packed up my things, got on a plane with my sedated cat, and headed to D.C. in pursuit of what I consistently referred… Continue reading

Veils, Harems and Belly Dancers

Stereotypes of Arab women in U.S. popular culture and common conversation are the most pervasive and striking – a backdrop to almost any political, religious or social discourse. Today, I took a taxi… Continue reading