>Ramadan blues

>First, I have to begin by saying that for the first time, I used this blog as a way to vent in a uncensored way. So I have to apologize ahead of time… Continue reading

>Almost here.

> My splitting headache has caused split personalities, which has caused a compounded happiness. Happiness multiplied by four dancing Samia Gamal’s.

>It helps

>… to move. It feels that while I am improving my quality of life, I am also taking this opportunity to simplify it. I am all packed up. I feels like my packed… Continue reading

>The cortisone to my sunburn

>The truth is that amidst the setting of our hearts we continue to deconstruct our perfectionism, in which we both suffer endlessly within. Finally, we now moderate the ordinances of our lives. The… Continue reading

Heartbeats, exploding stars, and aluminum foil

>I keep forgetting to buy aluminum foil from the grocery store. It distracts me in thought, but escapes me when I am shopping. “A heartbeat on an ultrasound looks like a little flashing… Continue reading

>"single" as a state of mind

>When you think of a single lady, what do you think about? Independence? Strength? Slut? Loneliness? Unmarried? White? Black? Fat? Skinny? Professional? When we think of being single, we think of being unmarried… Continue reading

>obstruct and facilitate

>A lot has changed for me lately, and I don’t feel the same anymore. I usually dance with the present and hope for the future. I used to say that I never regretted… Continue reading

>soy foam, rain and portland

> The rain is falling. Sometimes quickly, slowing down intermittently and finding a balance amidst what is generally considered surface existence. It comes without notice, catches you and changes a moment that was… Continue reading

>doing what I need, needing what I do.

>Basically, I have been adjusting a lot lately. This type of flexibility and adjustment is really making me tired. I just watch my limited local channel cable and pass out on the evenings… Continue reading

>The only reason.

>I could see why many people get married and have kids. For a long time I didn’t understand why, sometimes I still don’t. I am going to put this realization in writing so… Continue reading